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Glad to see I was so wrong.

Props to everybody for making that happen. Can't wait to see it :thumbsup:

EDIT : Is it me or Axl hasn't been in that good of a mood in years ?

Interview, live videos, tour that gets better ( it only could after RIR ^^' ), Estranged...

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Wow....I just woke up and due to the flu and the turning back the clock an hour shit I'm a little :wacko: right now...so this is what's happening/happened right?

Eddie Trunk has interviewed Axl plus DJ and Ron for ONE hour on CAMERA and we WILL actually see this in its entirety on November 11th? There is no risk at all that we won't see it for some reason, right? Right?!

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We did ask Axl about R&R Hall, new music, his lateness, this lineup, playing with Duff (said Loaded will open shows) and more.

Loaded will open shows? How cool is that!

That'd be great. I guess if Loaded will open shows then Duff on stage will be a regular thing during those? Weird though considering Duff said that he wished he hadn't gone on stage in some ways.

Looking forward to the interview, those are all the questions we wanna hear answers to.

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