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That Metal Show


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Full Interview in Audio Form - Courtesy of SONOFABITCH

That Metal Show with GN'R - November 11th - VH1 Classic.

Somebody posted this on MyGNR and I got strangely excited over the possibility that this might be about Axl. What do you think?

Some hours ago (22 to be exact) Eddie Trunk tweeted this:

Due to a last minute TMS shoot this weekend me, @realdonjamieson & @Mrjimflorentine will not make Chiller Expo in NJ. Enjoy if your going.

22 hours ago

Then this:

We are all headed out of town on a secret TMS mission! I'll share details when I can. Should be interesting...

22 hours ago

sorry but will not be able to be at Chiller this weekend, going out of town last minute.

9 hours ago

Don Jamieson tweeted:

My band @gunfirensodomy will not be at Dingbatz Fri night nor will @EddieTrunk @Mrjimflorentine & I be there Sun. Shooting surprise TMS ep!

17 hours ago


We did ask Axl about R&R Hall, new music, his lateness, this lineup, playing with Duff (said Loaded will open shows) and more.






Extra clips taken from MYGNR:

Dizzy Reed

Tommy Stinson

Tom Mayhue

DJ Ashba




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Just wanted to add in all the important stuff in the first post. Pictures/tweets - credit to various people who collected this stuff. You know who you are! Thanks.
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At most, it will be Ron and Frank on the show. :sleeper:

Nah, Eddie Trunk would never reschedule his plans and travel across the country to meet those guys. Nor would he announce a "surprise show" if it's about a Frank Ferrer interview. This is something better!

Agreed if it has anything to do with GNR it would have to be Axl. This would be great because Eddie would not do a fake interview like Del James did.

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When it's official, we'll care. Rumors and speculation do nothing for me at this point.

But the indications are really strong. Eddie Trunk cancels all plans to suddenly go out of town and record a surprise episode of TMS. A few hours later he lands in Florida of all places. It can't be anything else? If they would have wanted to cover the tour start and interview Ashba about it, they would have already planned it and it would never be a surprise show. Remember Eddie says his Axl interview still is the one he gets asked the most about, so making an Axl appearance a surprise makes sense.

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Eddie Trunk does a weekly show on Sirius ("Boneyard", ch. 38 I think) every Monday at 6pm eastern time. If anybody out there has Sirius you might check it out and see if he mentions anything about his weekend. If he does mention anything on Monday I'll try to post back here about it unless somebody beats me to it (as is usually the case, hence why I just lurk instead).

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