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GUNS N' FN' ROSES Rock in Rio Official Blog!


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This is the Guns N' FN' Roses Official Rock in Rio Blog, made with authorization of the Guns N' FN' Roses administration!

eduardo'GNR and I are going to make the updates regarding the festival, and regarding our trip to Rio.

3 weeks and counting!

Tickets bought since October of 2010, hotel booked since February of 2011 (it was hard to find one)!

Going to stay at the Santos Dumont Airport Ibis Hotel

Going to buy airplane tickets today!

No cars allowed on the City of Rock area, the only way of getting there is by bus.

Gonna by the Rock in Rio Bus tickets today too!

Getting more excited than ever!

And do not forget!

Rock in Rio will be streamed live internationally on ROCK IN RIO LIVE

All the bands of the World Stage are going to be streamed.

YouTube will not stream to Brazil.

The Live-Stream starts everyday on the following time:

Buenos Aires - 7 PM

México City - 5 PM

New York City - 6 PM

London - 11 PM

(The concert will be streamed to the world, these are just some cities Rock in Rio picked for you to have a notion.)

Guns N' Roses and other headliners (Elton John, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Coldplay) starts on 00h20 local time, which would be:

Buenos Aires - 00h20

México City - 10h20 PM

New York City - 11h20 PM

London - 04h20 AM

Guns N' Roses night is:




System Of A Down

Guns N' Roses!

See full Rock in Rio line-up here.

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Eu gostaria de pedir Atlas Shrugged, com um lado de Silkworms. Para o deserto, um pouco de Soul Monster, por favor. Tb, se possivel, quero ver mais desta fofa pulando e gritando:


So what's the plan guys? Are you going to send us live updates? Can you take in cameras or phones? It would be cool to have a fan's perspective as the thing is going on, but if it isn't possible, I'll still be looking forward to the details of your experience at the event.

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Never really understood feeling the need to update us. Go there and enjoy the show, don't worry about us.

Yeah I agree. I know people mean well but I could never understood how people spent their time texting and posting on the forum during the show. I can't stay still when they come on stage I wouldn't be able to write a message. Just enjoy the show guys you've been looking forward to it for long enough.

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Nah, only Reading.

And it's Rock in Rio.

It's special.

And not only, Guns N' Roses was announced on the stream.

There were two streams that got nixed, but we did get to see one later on minus two songs.

I am just saying, i would not be surprised if the US and UK does not get the stream.

At least we'll get it in the next day.

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