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According to my source, Tommy is out, Richard is "undecided" at best, and BBF wants more money.


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According to a personal source of mine (who does have connections):

- Tommy is no longer in the "band". He plans to focus on supporting his new album and Soul Asylum's upcoming ventures

- There are some conflicts with Nu GNR's upcoming schedule and Richard's commitments with Thin Lizzy. According to my source, if it's one or the other, Richard will continue with Thin Lizzy.

- As I reported several months back, BBF was let go mid-January. I don't know the specifics, but he was re-instated as a paid employee sometime between then and now. However, there are currently ongoing discussions between BBF and the camp. He wants more money and Axl won't return his calls.

My source has heard chatter that Izzy and Duff were mentioned as replacements for Rio if these issues are not resolved.

Keep your fingers crossed. I know I am.


Is this the same source who said bumblefoot told someone in a private message that Slash and Axl are planning a reunion gig?

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I'll never understand why people fall for these "insiders".

I'll never understand how is this method (aka insiders, internet forums, pretentious forumers whom think they are journalists) came to fruition

maybe it's related to the fact that Axl is a reclusive primadonna loser who can't even manage the GNR name since 1995

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