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The Guns N' Roses logo

John Bonham

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I was watching the Guns N' Roses biography on YouTube and I learned a lot about the band. One thing I learned is that Slash designed and drew the Guns N' Roses logo.

Two .44 Magnums intertwined with each other and two roses and their thorns.

A logo is a really big part of a band's identity, so I wonder why some people like to claim that GN'R is Axl's baby?

So if someone design a logo it makes it their baby? Are you nutz in the mind?

Axl started the band, Axl owns the name, Axl is IN the band - it's his baby.

Thats right, like doing a solo on a song that already exists..... Not the creator of the concept

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Guest Mr. Miser

After 20 years, I just realized that the original logo the yellow and the silver circle is the backside of a bullet. Am I correct? The yellow part seems like the bronze rim on the outside.

Yes it is. You really just realized?

Check out the blood..


That isn't blood. It's spilled spaghetti sauce from "The Spaghetti Incident."

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skulls play a prominent/important part of (pre-Chinese Democracy) Guns n Roses iconography. bad to the bone! LOL

most likely they imported it/copied from bikers. bikers then, as well as now, like to use skulls and skeletons motives on their bikes, clothes, tattoos etc.

the real origins probably date back to Creole (and voodoo) tradition where skeletons would be used to describe some hideous discovery of monstrous crimes…

but essentially a “PAST”, in a sense “girl has a past”…

“Skeletons in the closet?”, nah - On the front porch!

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The barb- wire bandana is a crown of thorns. More Messiah-complex from Axl.

I thought the same thing. It looks like they've gone for a kind of biker/Latino gangster vibe here, with the font and the cross and stuff. It seems like the tattoos you see on Latino gangsters in movies.

Maybe the Latin Kings can help Axl get Chinese Democracy 2 released.

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