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The Guns N' Roses logo

John Bonham

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I'm sure the new logos have a decade or so of meaning built into them.

I prefer the new stuff and am always looking for new t-shirts that are cool, so as to identify "new guns".

The old stuff seems, for the most part, "dumb" to me and I could never really relate alot of it to the musical content..... skeletons etc?

very early merch excepted in my generalisation

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I liked the new band logo that "modernized" the classic one.


i quite like this one

This one is sweet. It took the 'new band' a while to get it right.


I liked the one they used for the Illusion tour aswell, that was pretty smart.

The original will always be the proper GN'R logo, though. It's the one that everyone knows :)

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Who designed the original logo in this final form? Could it be Slash? I think I have heard so. But why did Axl Abandon it? Is it just because Slash made it? I don't think so because, in the same way of thinking he should have replaced his solos and his riffs because they are his.

Generally I can't understand how you can blame one for being a cancer and not wanting to talk to him, see him etc, and play his music and have 3 guitarists replicate his parts for 15 years now..


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