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GNFNR Estranged Cover Thread

Guest Broskirose

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Alright, all we need is the other musicians.

This is like the 4th attempt at finishing this. It is officialy GNFNR's Chinese Democracy. :canofworms:


In fact everyone should just sing over that backing track because it's fucking awesome! Where did this come from?

You can DL it here http://www.gunsnfnroses.com/index.php?/topic/1770-uyi-ruffs-with-new-slash-guitar/page__p__14935__hl__estranged__fromsearch__1#entry14935

Ok, so I guess all we need is that one guitar solo musician-wise?

If you mean the solo from 6:03 (or something about that) to about 6:30 I can give it a try, I think I can learn it pretty fast and record it using some amp simulations, because I have no mic yet to record my amp(s).

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Only problem with this is, if you're doing a piano track, we either need a backing track with no piano or we need people to play every part.

Do we have any drummers (besides that lazy unreliable shit Conor)? Bassists?

Ha, I wouldn't be able to do a drum track until Christmas. Live in Dundee now and don't have a kit with me. on another note, I'll have orange please! :D

Broski: Orange :)

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