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GNFNR Estranged Cover Thread

Guest Broskirose

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Fuck I'm too late aren't I?

Can I add in some rhythm guitar or something?

Sucks that I can't sing anything though... I have an awesome vocal range. If you CAN find a part for me, I'll take anything. If not, the rhythm guitar offer still stands.

your in. ok, people. pick your parts!

I'll take the outro if it isn't already taken. I'm gonna record the whole thing though, so if the end is already taken you can just take whatever else out of the recording you can use. Omgicantwaaaaaaaaaaait.

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Wait. We're doing the entire song? Instruments too? I guess you can count me in for rhythm guitar if no one else is doing it. I just did a cover of Chinese Democracy if you wanna see just what I can do.


Just read the rest of the thread lol. I'll just record everything I can and let you what you like and wanna use.

Also, it might be helpful if we let Conor record his part first so we can all use it to keep time.

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ugh, well it looks like we are not orginized enough to choose parts so, everyone who is on the list just record something, send it to me and i'll see what i can do.

Idea: allocate vocal parts. Put the lyrics up on this thread and people can choose which ones they want, and whatever's left over can be doled out accordingly.

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