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GNFNR Estranged Cover Thread

Guest Broskirose

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That was really fun. I hope more people take part in the next one.

You guys have such great voices. Great tones and textures. Axlisold you have a wicked voice. Love your style. LL - really , really great. In love with SOB's voice :wub: Can I please hear the Mickey Mouse version? PM me :CoolFace:

Evador - thank you for putting all that time and effort in. You were excellent and spent so much time and effort on it. Well done. I hope you're happy with your work because you should be proud.

Thanks to Broski for putting us in order.

Oh and thank you for the nice comments. Those were way too kind :wub:

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The reason LL TJ is used so much is because he had sent me the entire song originally. And he was used (and Conor as well) to fill in the parts that were never sent. So special thanks to him for saving our asses.

To be fair...didn't your computer crash and lose like half the tracks? :CoolFace:

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Thanks to evader it did!

Thinking about releasing 2 bonus tracks...Eduardo's unedited vocal track, and SOB's Mickey Mouse vocal track (with their permission of course). They are both pretty funny.

"Maybe I'll get it right this time I doubt it"

"Pig Vomit jumped into the river"

YES. And bacardi's :CoolFace:

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That was fucking AWESOME!!!

Great job everyone!!

I wish i had known there were pieces missing...I'd had done one! But last time I checked all the parts were assigned. Oh well....I'm a terrible, terrible singer anyway and I was impressed as shit by this cause everyone involved could really SING!! You guys and gal were really channeling Axl there!

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