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GNFNR Estranged Cover Thread

Guest Broskirose

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Guest Broskirose



Thank you all for your patience. I hope you enjoy the track. I have truly enjoyed working on it, and hope I don't leave anyone disappointed. Every one of the performers did a truly amazing job with their parts. You're all very talented!!!!!

Estranged (GNFNR Cover).mp3



Evader - Production, Mixing, Mastering and Artwork

Broskirose - Credit Stealing, Coattail Riding and mini-Gunsguy

Vocalists (in order of appearance)

01. LL_TJ1

02. Bacardimayne

03. LL_TJ1

04. Conor

05. Conor

06. LL_TJ1

07. Eduardo

08. LL_TJ1


10. Sleeping Like An Angel

11. LL_TJ1

12. AxlisOld

YouTube Channel

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"Well I'm a west coast struttin'

One bad mother

Got a rattlesnake suitcase

Under my arm"

seems fitting

(Said I'm a mean machine

Been drinkin' gasoline

And honey you can make my motor hum)

and if there's enough for everyone else, i'll do this part too

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cool how'd you get the instrumental?

its not the actual backing track but, its close enough. bacardi linked me to a youtube video of some kid (who will get credit if we use his video) playing it and i ripped the audio to mp3 and then changed the pitch so its more simialr to the pitch on AFD.

but, i really want to play it as a full band so its pure GNFNRS 100%. the music players would need to make sure that we all play in the same key and tempo though. it will be a challenge but, im sure we could do it. we already got guitars and drums. anyone know the bass?

I could record drums whilst listening to the Live Era version, and have the bass and guitar added onto my track.

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My plan was to play along with an iPod or something: put headphones on, play along with that, and record my guitar externally (so you only get the guitar playing, but it's in time and we can all recognise it).

But Conor's idea is equally good, and I suppose there'd be no fade-out (I was planning to use Appetite).

Guitar parts should be worked out... Broski, you want the Bucket solo - I'm assuming the one at the end - and I'll take Slash's solo from the middle, and if nobody wants them, the rhythm parts. I'd forego singing for rhythm.

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just did my first run-thru of nighttrain on bass and once I get up to tempo it should be easy. I have to memorize it first tho, but it's pretty easy, all upper neck/lower 2 strings (not for me, I have a low B which gets me all confused when I read normal tabs LOL). I'm such a blonde. let's see how this goes. if I can figure out how to record on this fuckin computer I'll be in really good shape! this is really starting to make me want to get a copy of pro tools and start playing my old songs...could be trouble brewin! MWAAAHAHAHAAA!!

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ok, even though the deadline for sign up is friday (get in here SS), we might as well get started on the instrumental section since we already have all the music slots pretty much filled. conor on drums, mstexas on bass, slashfrehely and myself on guitar. if anyone else wants a third guitar part then get it quick. anyways, we will start with conor and the rest of us will play along with him. take your time persons.

conor, your up!

I won't have my recording stuff and full kit for a week or so, so I recommend that I am not up. I will be, just not yet. As long as everyone sticks to the Live Era version for timing, we're fine.

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ah shit...I don't have the live era tracks, but I can download them. I still can't figure out how to record on this fuckin comp. apparently you can plug in a mic somehow but good googly I am NOT a technology expert. how the fuck does this shit work?? suddenly I wish I were back in NJ so I'd have AN ENTIRE STUDIO to record the fuckin thing in! FUCK computers!! there's even a thing that says recorder but it doesn't DO anything unless you plug in a mic. anyone have any idea how I can record? I might end up having to take audio from a video. which would suck even harder. integrated mic and camera on this thing and neither are helping me right now!!

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