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4tus talks about the guitars he used for the "new" EP


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During a conversation with Guitar World, Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus discussed his relationship with Gretsch guitars and how he's been utilizing the company's instruments in the GN'R domain.


When asked, "So which Guns N' Roses tracks do you feel would best suit each instrument?", Fortus replied:

"Something like 'Rocket Queen' would suit the shorter scale and stop-tail because Slash and I tend to go back and forth on that. There's a lot of trading solos and bends, so that's a track I'd pick the black one for.


I'd pick up the white one for 'Mr. Brownstone' because I want the Bigsby and the intonation is really important to me on that song, which doesn't involve many bends for me. I guess that's the criteria to decide which to use.

We heard you'd already been using them on the new material...

I did use them on the new EP and this whole last tour, which was great. The production models I had worked perfectly. The pickups were the main thing to dial in, so I'm really excited about them. That's what makes this guitar unique to anything else out there. It's completely reliant on the volume knob and treble bleed capacitor.


Do you remember getting your first Gretsch?

I bought my first Gretsch when I was about 16 years old, which was a 1966 Tennessean. I'm a big Billy Duffy fan and I was also listening to a lot of AC/DC. I guess it was a tone I gravitated towards from an early age.

"That Tennessean was actually a George Harrison model and it's a really cool guitar. It has the HiLo'Tron pickups which have a very distinct tone - it's very unusual and hi-fi to my ears. I've always been really attracted to Gretsches because they look so awesome. I remember seeing Johnny Thunders and Sylvain Sylvain, that whole Dolls aesthetic. They both played Falcons at different times.

What brought me back to Gretsch in terms of them being the main instruments I play on stage is when Slash and Duff came back into the band. I was trying out different guitars - I'm a big P-90 fan - and went through a bunch of things when we were rehearsing. When I landed on Gretsch, it really seemed to come together. There's something about that classic higher-output humbucker on Slash's side and then what I'm playing. It really fits together, in the same kind of way Malcolm and Angus [Young] did. There's a magic to that sound. With less gain, my sound fits around what Slash is doing.





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I like my Gretsch Electromatic just fine with a master volume and seperate volume and treble for each pick up.


Why would I want one with just a volume and treble knob. Didn't Nikki Sixx do this exact same thing 20 years ago with his gothic epihpone thunderbird pos signature model :lol: 


Fortus stealing nikki sixx's scraps lol

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You mean Dick Fortress is finally going to appear on a Guns N' Roses release? I guess he's earned it. He's put in his 20 years.


Edit: I always forget that the most forgettable member in GNR history was one of the 50 guitarerers on Chinese Democracy. Looks like still no writing credits in his future with the band that he's spent the last 20 years with.

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