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Is Axl vaccinated?

fat slash

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3 minutes ago, arnold layne said:

I'm sure he is. His woke levels are nauseating. 


Not Kyrie levels, but for where Axl is at, I'm sure the shot is necessary.

But he also doesn't vote, and he may have a 10 paragraph rationale for why he approves of vaccines, but doesn't get them himself.  I guess actually to travel worldwide, he will probably have to get it.  Hmmm...

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18 minutes ago, Johnny Ramone said:

Your opinion on a vaccine is shaped by Fat Axl? The only thing that man should help you form an opinion on is bad housekeepers & fast food joints.... 


It was a joke; I wasn't being literal.  I was making fun of people who do let their opinions get shaped by fat gingers like Trump and Axl. 

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