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Guns N' Roses Have Always Sucked!

Black Frog

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46 minutes ago, RedHook said:

Ragnar is sending you a bus ticket,

He wanted me to tell you to get off at the last stop,

and then turn left when you see the goat farm.


You're still fantasising about goats ? I thought you'd have had resolved the issue by now, I guess I was wrong.


46 minutes ago, RedHook said:

and you can't marry his sister cuz he already called dibs for when his father is done with her.

I always suspected you were born of incest. This post right here all but proves I was right. There's no other explanation of your utter retardation.


You're more retarded than Froggy. It's embarrassing man.......

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14 hours ago, RedHook said:


Calm the fuck down.

I'm sorry for posting directions on a public forum to the land you squat on.


Winters coming 

Probably time to move on anyways.


Tell me,

Do you pull the trailer with your mopeds as horses. How does it work?

You have to do better than this, you inbred retard........


You might want to fill cracks of your trailer with goatshit since, as you say, winter is coming..........

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3 minutes ago, RedHook said:

I do not have a trailer.

Yes, you do, dipshit. Don't lie.


How long has it been since you managed to install internet and water plumbing in your trailer ?

8 minutes ago, RedHook said:

But I do find it hilarious that you use Goat Shit to save money on insulating your home.


Very thrifty gypsy

Lol, you wish, you daft goatfucker.........

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15 minutes ago, RedHook said:



No trailers or goats near my 3rd floor walk up apartment.





Please share a picture of your traveling gypsy trailer home

You found this in google :lol: ? 


You live in some backwards, hick shithole of a town (assuming this is where you REALLY live).


Not very impressive :lol:.  It looks like old Soviet settlements where factory workers lived :lol:




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On 11/23/2021 at 5:05 AM, Sydney fan said:

Its a pity there's no footage of the 87 motley tour when they were support.

In 93 i lost interest in them, and in my final year in High School was mostly listening to Danzig 3- How The Gods Kill and Monster Magnet and Kyuss debut album.



I haven't heard about Monster Magnet until around 1996, but really got into them with the Powertrip album lol


Kyuss is one of the most over-looked bands from the 90's, imho

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