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It tastes good, don't it?

fat slash

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It's something rare in classic GNR

Spontaneous jamming, having fun with the lyrics, Slash really tearing it up, at the end Axl's screams were unreal, metalish, possibly his best at that time. it's insanely hard to sing that fast WITH the rasp, the "shananana" with actual  full force rasp, amazing. He sounds like....electricity


I wouldn't count it as a full song, but they should've been recorded that shit


Even though Axl's cadence or whatever is not flawless, but it's still better than most of the rap songs these days lol

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17 hours ago, ritz snare said:

In another thread, someone disparaged this song.  But I disagree, this is a great jam, loose, with offensive content, and some good riffing and solos from Slash. 


Story of his life, since he's fat. And it's definately better than My World and many other GNR songs. 

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