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Axl Rose's First Official GNFNR Chat

John Bonham

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- How do you feel when brazilian fans call you Axel?


- When was the last time you had a vocal coach and why did you fire him?


- How many hours do you spend working out ... /year.


- When will GnR be GnR again, playing One In a Million live, giving no shits?


- How do you feel about knowing some nomad in a romanian shitEhole fucks goats passionatly while listening This is Love?






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I guess if I could ask ever Axl about one thing, it'd probably pertain to some of the leaks. Like, did "Quick Song" and "Nothing" ever move past the vocal idea stage and get retitled, or did they stay on the cutting room floor? What other songs from those discs were considered for lyrics, aside from the obvious like Oklahoma, Me & My Elvis and Zodiac? Did Silkworms/Absurd ever have a chorus recorded or was that just an idea done for the '01 live shows?


And of course, why hasn't the band released a gun that has a rose come out of it when you pull the trigger. Come on man, that's merchandising that writes itself.

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6 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

as you can see, the userbase around here doesn't really give a shit about limitations either way:lol:


why would we, honestly?



True, just trying to get my mind around why the announcement would be made like that in the first place.  [Is it real?  I have no clue.]

Then I think of the "Estranged" video where Axl is so depressed to be going around in huge limos and being followed around his giant mansion by an armed bodyguard.  Yeah, that's someone who knows what street life is like for the common man.

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On 11/10/2021 at 9:43 PM, Słash said:

Axl, have you had more sex than @auad


Axl, can you name the next album @Pappa FAT


When was the last time you talked to @Jeff Isbell, will you care to share the loot equally with him in the future? 


Our resident Dr. @Organic Miser ? can offer you free hair consultations. 

I probably couldn’t deal w/ a fat narcissistic old fuck, who tends to get worse w/ age. So it’s unlikely

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