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Our favorite reunited band release a third song in anticipation of their new album on November 5th

my name is bacdi

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3 hours ago, my name is bacdi said:


Yes, ABBA have joined the illustrious (and very crowded) ranks of bands that have released more music than Axl Rose since 2008. It's a pretty solid song, probably the best and most "ABBA-like" of the three they've dropped so far. Good enough for a spot on the playlist for a few months anyway.


Resident GNFNR journalist Mike Hunt was able to track down the GNR trio and asked them what they thought of the new song. Duff replied that it was "punk as heck". Slash began dribbling uncontrollably and mumbled something about "muh solo album", barely audible through the blobs of gravy spewing from his orifices. Axl would not give a straight answer, preferring instead to go into a lengthy diatribe about the lineup at In N' Out. However, the three confirmed that new Guns N' Roses material would be out "soon". Stay tuned.


ABBAs releases so far are 100 x better than silkworms and hard stool. This is an objective statement. Axl should disappear for 40 years and then seek to disappoint us when he returns with the gravy sist hanging off his cock that is slash.

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