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FAT VINCE NEIL Falls Off Stage at 'Monsters on the Mountain' Festival

my name is bacdi

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What are the chances of the often delayed Motley Crue tour from ever happening.

The Motley guys are gonna lose millions cuz Vince Meal can not get it together.


If it's not "The Fat" that gets him,

now he is FatnShit with broken ribs :rofl-lol:







Don't forget, Fat Axl also likes to fall down onstage



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His solo band is made up of some pretty well known musicians... Zoltan Chaney, Jeff Blando.... and I guess the bassist isn't well known to me.


I just looked it up and the Motley Crue stadium tour doesn't start until June 2022.  Plenty of time to recover.  Also, plenty of time to get in better shape, but based on history that is unlikely.  Hopefully Mick Mars lives that long.

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5 hours ago, Ragnar said:

It can hardly be called "playing" all he does is strum power chords. I'm not sure it's even plugged in.


Motley Poo aren't any better.


motley poo has a more consistent body of work than GNR, but arguably that isn't saying much


I love me some crue now and then.


killer riff incoming



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