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Round 3: In the end, Adler won


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If we were to compare the performances of Adler and his guests with this festival of embarrassments that is Guns' current "show"...Adler did win!

Watch the videos below Steven Adler performing on September 11 at the Rocktember Music Festival in Hinckley, Minnesota, featuring Ariel Kamin, lead singer of the Argentine GNR tribute band Son Of A Gun, as well as guitarists Michael Thomas and Alistair James , and bassist Todd Kerns, who was replacing Tanya O Callaghan.





Kamin is occupying the role of Constantine Maroulis, famous for his appearance on "American Idol" and "Rock Of Ages", and who was the vocalist who was at Adler's Appetite on various dates throughout 2018, including a tour of Australia. Ariel had previously played with Steven Adler in Argentina in November 2016, when the drummer took the stage with Son Of Gun to participate in some songs from their concert in Buenos Aires.





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As poor as he may seem compared to the others in GNR, Steven is still worth $15 million, which is as good as or better than many musicians who were as big as GNR in the past. If he doesn't want to tour he doesn't have to, there isn't a huge demand for Adler's Appetite but they do have an audience if he wants to play shows. It's probably reasonably easy for them to get festival slots too. He's head of the band and doesn't have to worry about the bullshit that GNR have to. So yeah, he won in his own way. Nice to see Todd Kerns out there, wonder if he got to sing a few tunes. 

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