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Axl was the star who caused the most problems for RIR's production


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In an interview with Veja magazine, published in issue No. 2,759, the manager was asked to list which music stars caused the most stress behind the scenes at Rock in Rio. Although he cited curious demands involving Prince and Elton John, the festival's creator was adamant about the to say that the Guns N' Roses singer is the one who most complicates the event's team.


"In the first edition, I learned to deal with weird requests. Prince demanded 400 white towels and only used thirty. Elton John wanted roses with stalks of exactly 14 centimeters in the dressing room. But nobody beats Axl Rose, who was a lot of work. here and in Portugal", he stated initially.




Then Medina described some situations involving Rose. The first one took place in 1991, when Guns N' Roses first visited the event - and in Brazil. "In 1991, at Maracanã, an employee of the Guns N' Roses team got involved in a fight with a person from Rede Globo. The confusion continued for the entire day and Axl said that he would only have a show when he was handed the tape with the images of the alteration. The crisis ended half an hour before he took the stage: a person from the band went to Globo and saw the images being erased," he declared.


Another case, even more peculiar, occurred in an edition of the event in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006. "In Lisbon, Axl took nine matching jeans and thought he would only show up with the one he had forgotten on the plane. , of course," he revealed.






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2 hours ago, Sydney fan said:

Axl really was batshit crazy.

How did he go full weird and mental from the gardner street days (AFD) to 91 when he has a psychic as part of his entourage?.


Having all the money in the world and a legion full of sycophant's telling you every dumb idea in your head is genius

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