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2006 Axl Rose Cartoon with Combover braids on Adult Swim


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David Lee Roth seems like the obvious inspiration for

Dr Rockzo The Rock N Roll Clown 

on the TV show Metalocalypse.




But there is at least one other Rock Star we know well running around in cartoon form on this show.


Dethklok's drummer Pickles has a dark past, he was formerly the lead singer of

Snakes N' Barrels, a fictional Guns N' Roses parody.







As Dethkloks drummer "Pickles" we get a more modern 2006 version of Axl,  

with his long braids hilariously braided sideways as a comb over.




 Metalocalypse gives us endless cartoon pictures of the now Fat Man with his comb over braids on sideways.


The Legend of Axl Rose 

Its all part of the Story :lol:



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