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What would be your perfect ending for GNR?

Donald Trump

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GNR stop the touring for good (around 2027-28) after a complete new album released (in 2023)

Box set in 2028 for the NU GNR enthusiasts

Another box set in 2030 containing EVERY recorded Guns material for purchase in various forms

One-off performance with the AFD 5 at some point with a 2 hour set and Axl bringing out rasp in every song

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Axl is cancelled for his rape antics, put on trial and the GNR brand goes the way of R Kelly, with Team Brazil being tried as co-conspirators (okay, I know they were on the scene way after Axl's rape days, but a man can dream).


It'd be the perfect full circle for the sleaze we all loved on AFD to be the very thing that brought them down.

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1. Matt sorums book gets released with explicit detail on how the big 3 cucked izzy out of the NITL reunion.

2. A drunken Adler makes an instagram video on how much Slash hates GNR , how spinless duff really is, and how Axl hates the fans and the rest of the band  members.

3. Axl fires slash and duff and hires wolf van halen on bass and ashba on lead guitar.




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Axl signs over all the rights to the GnR name to none other than Dustin Bones.  Dustin lays down all the vocals and releases CD2.  Realdoll.com is the lead single with a music video of guys fucking real dolls while a Slash stunt double plays with his little dick while crying in his corner  cuck chair.  Epic...

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Nikki Sixx & Gene Simmons

should buy GNR

Fire TB

Fire The Whole Band


Hire some 20 year old kids put em on the road playing only AFD era shit.

When they are ready,

throw them in the studio to record a real "new" album.


And just pray they don't go all bycicle shorts

and power ballads on the

follow up album.:lol: 



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