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DJ ASSBA covers italian super hit 'Bella Ciao'


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He is looking good in that Lederhosen! 


Former GUNS N' ROSES and current SIXX:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba will release a new single, "Bella Ciao", on Friday, October 29. Produced by Ashba, the reimagined track gives a modern day EDM-driven makeover to the Italian folk classic, complemented by DJ's signature guitar work, creating a dance/rock hybrid called GDM (Guitar Dance Music). The new single marks Ashba's first release of 2021 and follows a series of tracks that released in late 2020 through Edgeout Records/UMG/UMe, including "Hypnotic", "Let's Dance" and "A Christmas Storm".

"After becoming completely obsessed with 'Money Heist', I became so inspired by 'Bella Ciao' and the history of the song," stated Ashba. "I couldn't wait to get into the studio and make my own GDM version. I wanted it to be epic and dramatic, with big bass, bone-crushing guitar, and an infectious beat that I know the fans will go crazy for. After it was complete, I was telling my friend, famous Disney artist Craig Fraser, about my new version of this classic song, and him being a fan of the show as well, got inspired, and created me this one-of-a-kind painting of the iconic mask from 'Money Heist'. I was so blown away; I thought it would make the perfect cover for this single."







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