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Should Axl have a carry-around oxygen tank instead of his "secret" chamber?


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7 hours ago, Duffibrillator said:

It's a defibrillator, bro.... not a pace maker.  And his body has had about 20 years to get used to it.... if only Hendrix would have got one at 26 he could have survived the acid over dose that killed him!!!



Slash said on Kimmel that heart thing had been taken out? 

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15 hours ago, Salsh Borski said:

You wouldn’t... would you?


1 hour ago, Sydney fan said:

@auad i reckon you should just as a pity fuck.


35 minutes ago, Pappa FAT said:

Auad fucks to fuck, big fatties skinny ironing boards, he fucks all. All fucks given while no fucks given.

Almost there my brothers!

But fatties...really? Not yet. I can’t.





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