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The release & live debut of Hard Skool -VS- Absurd


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11 hours ago, dave-gnfnr2k said:


Exactly. The CD era versions had the industrial flavor to them,  then they turn it into generic rock and it takes away the magic of the songs.

If they bastardized these two songs this band, I can't imagine how badly they are going to ruin songs like Zodic and Quick Song.



industrial can also be generic

which was the case with the Nu Axl band....

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On 9/28/2021 at 9:55 AM, John Bonham said:




This is brilliant,

and sadly,

a true to life question after 20+ years of TB being in control.


I bet money these Lebies grifters are 

"better" 😜 at scrubbing toilets than managing a rock band

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