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How will Axl sing Hard Skool live?

Jakey Styley

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Well its done.

If anyone is surprised about his vocals on mickeyschool, can you imagine how any of the songs on an album are going to sound live if this is the standard?.

He should have done mickeyschool maybe 2nd song in rather than the fat, out of breath style he delivered.

This is worse than jon bon jovi, but on his way to going vince meal territory.

He needs to admit his voice is shit, lose the high register, revamp the setlist and focus on adding lower register songs. If the band are wanting to promote the illusion anniversary at some point its an ideal time to add dust n bones, 14 years, bad obsession, the garden. 

But his ego wont allow him.


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1 hour ago, wasted said:

I was reading that Brian (Jones) Johnson has a special mic or mic tech that means he's actually whispering when he sings. So when Axl sang in DC he got that mic set up. Maybe that could help. 


Considering we might live in a holographic universe would semi lip synch be such a crime. Guitarists and drummers have all these effects and pedals. Why can't the vocals be aided by cybernetics. 



A lot of other bands from GNR's generation and before are doing it.  I've seen a few references to Vince Neil..... I'm sure most of us saw the recent video who walked off during Girls, Girls, Girls..... the backing tracks kept on playing and it took the sound guy(s) a couple seconds to shut it off.  The guitarist and bassist still went up to the mic to pretend to sing until they shut it off.


I don't really like that, but I do understand to sing like Axl at 60 has got to be nearly impossible.  Even someone like Chris Cornell's range was limited near the end of his life.  It's just how it goes in rock n' roll unless your Steve Tyler. 

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3 hours ago, Dr. Thunder said:


Yeah it's definitely time to start singing everything in a lower register or tune a full step down. It's fine. A whole lot of rock bands from the 60s-80s start singing in lower octaves or somewhat changing melodies so they can keep singing them as they get older.  There were whole shows in the 90s where Slash would play every single song and lead different out of boredom/being high and it was pretty neat. It's not like Axl hasn't had alternate melodies for songs live anyway (Like for My Michelle chorus, Better bridge, SOD outro, TWAT outro, Shackler's chorus, basically all of NR at different stages). Maybe that's more work at the start but surely has to be better mentally than going out and knowing you're shitting the bed every night even if you're trying you're best. 


It happens to everyone in every type of avenue. It's okay and ultimately more respectable to adapt and change when age comes for you.


Especially on a new song that maybe 10,000 (and im being pretty generous) will know the vocal melody. Theres absolutely no reason to sing the way he did on HS. I can kinda see why he'd think he needs to for AFD stuff, but even Robert Plant changed the way he sang iconic Zeppelin songs once his voice started to go.

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I need to believe he's intentionally singing like that for a reason. Hear me out ha

Because just 5 years ago with AC/DC for the entire set its all full throated raspy piss & vinegar but with GNR he reverts back to this Mickey falsetto.

Did he just go that extra mile for AC/DC knowing it was a once in a lifetime occasion, and comes back to Mickey as a way to coast through GNR shows?

I'm definitely not defending how it sounds now, but I think he chooses to sing differently, I don't think its purely "he's lost it", I think its alot to do with prep, motivation and recovery. He obviously recovered for the next AC/DC show fine, so why should it be different for GNR?

Clutching at straws perhaps just because I know of what is capable, or what I hope is capable still

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His mid-range is dead and gone for good. They should tune down one full step and re-arrange songs. 


Even then, I'm not sure it'd help Axl's voice. It seems to be damaged beyond repair at this point.


Motherfucker created such intricate, difficult and great vocal melodies in his prime, that he himself can't sing them now.

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He sounded good enough on a lot of songs, but some of the disasters like Hard Skool, Coma, etc... just accept they are not live songs. 


He powers through a large part of the set, and then Estranged sucks. 


Slither is one of the bigger disasters. Can't duff just sing it or something, if you have to play it? 


Rocket Queen was one of the mickier songs, and then they add a 15 minute solo to it. 



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2 hours ago, Jack Burton said:


Especially on a new song that maybe 10,000 (and im being pretty generous) will know the vocal melody. Theres absolutely no reason to sing the way he did on HS. I can kinda see why he'd think he needs to for AFD stuff, but even Robert Plant changed the way he sang iconic Zeppelin songs once his voice started to go.

If I recall correctly, Zeppelin tuned down a full step for that 07 reunion.  And I also just looked it up.....

Plant was 59 at the time of that reunion.... same age as Axl is right now.

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This is a fucking disaster, Vince Meal level from Axl, band just played it like they've played it as a regular on this tour...(on autopilot)

Axl can barely brought out the frog rasp, it sounds BAD, g


The setlist was great though, lots of changes and a good balance between albums/eras

Too bad Axl can't sing anymore, i'd have killed for this setlist in 2002-2006-2010


Btw it's good to see that Miser was an idiot again and thought Slash could tap as fast as 4tus

We have video proof now who plays what


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That video has to be fake. 


I feel bad for Axl. I used to always think he is lazy, but there is no way anybody would deliberately sound that bad. 


Maybe if he got into shape, he'd sound a bit better, but still. If that is what is left of his voice, I can see why he would have a difficult time getting motivated. 


It is a tough spot to be in, because nobody wants to hear songs in the 'It's So Easy' voice. Still, I'm convinced the reason Absurd was the first single was because it is one of the only new songs he can sing live competently since it uses his lower voice. If they ever have live appearances on TV to promote the band, they need a single he can sing without going viral for the wrong reasons. 

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10 hours ago, tomboy said:

Listen. It's not a terrible performance at all. It's within the acceptable range when it comes to live performances.


Having said that, the future for Axl will have to be making songs that are mostly in a different key. His talking voice is pretty much the same as in the 90s, so he should be able to pull off some Patience, Civil War kinda vocals fine. 


His audience is getting older too, so there's no reason to try and impress anyone with too much high-pitch screaming etc.

No, it's really REALLY REALLY NOT

Especially not when you're debuting new song

You might be right if Axl would be 70-75 years old and singing SCOM or PC or YCBM at that age

But not now

He was capable of doing acceptable and GREAT shows (with Axl/DC) in 2016

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1 hour ago, Frank Drebin said:

Hopefully Axl can perform it better at the next shows, maybe if he sang it after a relatively short song he'd have the wind to make it sound better. That Mickey didn't sound good at all, no power and the band sailed through it. 

He could have been pulled it out at acceptable levels in 2016

Not a chance anymore, imho

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