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The Official Hard Skool Review Thread

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Great song.


I just .... Well .. I think that maybe, just maybe, in this stage of my life, is not something that would make me feel proud to be a fan of. All that power and rage, doesnt make sense to me anymore. In fact, nowadays I mainly listen female warm voices singing.


Sry, hard skoll, "the problem isn't you, is me". 



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Just now, Budd Dwyer said:

do we really need a 4th HS thread?

Where else would everyone bitch about it?

Obviously the previous 3 threads aren't enough for the whiners and complainers who endless bitxh about no new music only to vilify the band when a new song is actually released.


4 threads seems appropriate 

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Best official CD vocals by Axl so far. Finally no Mickey shit. Duffs intro is fine. The non-vocal part is too long and superlame. Slash's solo is too random and sloppy. Drumming is lame. The production value is not professional. 


Its ok, but in relation to their prime, there is an undeniable lack of perfection and creativity. There was never a silent part in a GnR Song before. Now we have two in Absurd and HS. 

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Having liked the demo I found it little weird to get into it but after a few listens I have warmed towards it but the outro on the demo had me more hooked than this outro. They played much faster on the outro on the demo and it worked and nothing felt buried in the mix. Psychedelic vibes mid way into the song, it has grown on me and I dig it...maybe Layla kinda vibes blended with it. I do like the official song and yes it does give me hope about what else they have up there sleeve to release and finally we are getting music from this band.

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Compared to Absurd, it's a masterpiece :lol:


My only issue with it is the production - the drums sound awful, the mix and editing is sloppy, and there's too much effects on Axl's voice, he sounds hollow and distant (kind of like the Going Down demo).


The song itself is fine, and as long as Axl doesn't completely butcher it, it'll probably be a cool live song.

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