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Almost Official: Hard School Will Be Released


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30 minutes ago, GeraldineBailey said:

Vocals are too low in the mix.

Song is very good

i like this version better than the old one as they got rid of stupid fucking bluesy Robin Fünch noodling that sucked balls. 

And shut the fuck up with „BUCKETFEET IS BETTER THAN SOLSH” shit faggots

no fucking shit, slash is obviously not as good


BUT GB’R was never about guitar maestry or so shit like that

if you want to listen to bucket, go listen to his solo stuff

Guns N Roses has millions of fans all over the world and only a small group of people (propably around hundred) enjoys Chinese Democracy… and most of these people have mental health issues


Bucket is too good for mainstream band


GN’R is not an ambitious band that’s about incredible skills.. if you think  so you’re mentally in High School




caram sucks



Forgot to take meds ?

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53 minutes ago, november snow said:

What an absolute disapointment ............:pepe::no: ..........the leak was SOOO MUCH better imo,Axl actually sound awesome imo but Slash riffs are awful,Absurd guitar parts  were  so much better.The magic is gone,they are finished ..the new album will be atrocious .


I dont care anymore,this was the only song i was excited about but no........it is so weak i dont want to hear it ever again .......Slash i love you but this is pure shit :(

really my third world nigga? I thought you'd like it because it sounds like the real band

Absurd guitar parts were complete shit, Slash has good riffs, but not really the best solo on HS


Listen to it with a good headphone, not in your shitty cellphone

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Just now, GeraldineBailey said:


Worshipper ? bitch please........


1 minute ago, GeraldineBailey said:

As I said - you are known for your mental health issues 


also for shit music taste and love problems in which you find Axl as your soulmate

This is hilarious :lol:. You're projecting way too much. Don't forget to take meds next time.......

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15 minutes ago, TheMixer said:

Hate the first half, second half is better. Lacks a punch and the guitar work just isn't good. The original is flawed but more organic than this. Mix is meh. Not shitting on it for the sake of it but its just another letdown. The Axl aye ayes were unnecessary too. Fuk. On the plus side, duffs bass and the outro.

Mix is much better than on the original or in Abturd

I assume you've not listened to it with proper headphones?

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2 minutes ago, Norespect said:

You idiots got too attached to the shitty demo version with its over long intro and stupid meandering bridge.


I dunno I thought the demo had more meat and potatoes to the song. I've only listened so far to the song on loudspeaker on my phone gonna try it shortly with earphones. 

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The song is mixed too loud. I don't mean like, as in I'm too old. It feels like they just kind of want to make it as loud as possible so everything feels a bit compressed. The Loudness wars shit.


To be honest this song is cringy both in lyrics and sound

Lyrics are like...a cartoon version of the kind of music GN'R did in the early 90s. Like it's almost a cartoon of Hair Metal. And musically it just sounds like a late 1990s era PlayStation 1 song

Even the changing of the title from Hard School to Hard Skool. These guys are almost 60 and think MiSpElLeD words are EdGeY


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