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Almost Official: Hard School Will Be Released


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On 9/15/2021 at 10:13 PM, RedHook said:


Fat Axl apeared in my eggs again this morning. 


When I asked him about the song,

he started alking about

some young girl that got a mouthful of his semi-hard skool :lol:



What's that red and green stuff in top right? 

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9 hours ago, wasted said:

Overall it does seem like a song is mourning the end of the band/relationship and works as an anthem to carry on. So it's bittersweet. 


But some of the lyrics like "all the innocence inside" or "don't live inside of you anymore" don't really seem Slash related. But still some of it does.


The pic on the cover of SOD single was Bai Ling, a chinese actress/celeb who claimed she was bisexual, from the Moon and was being persecuted by her fame. And dated Mickey Rourke. 


I thought maybe it was about Erin's miscarriage. "Innocence inside" So the verses focus on personal problems but then the chorus is about the determination to make new Guns happen. 


Hard School, looking at what was happening around that Jackie Chan movie, Steven was given every chance. Duff has said Izzy went too hard core about sobriety at the time. Izzy and Slash both quit to do it their way. 





she is 55 now

@EstrangedTWAT thoughts?

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