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Almost Official: Hard School Will Be Released


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41 minutes ago, Bandonox said:

Comments. Are. Off.



What fucking garbage.

All that industrial punk fucking energy... That frenetic fucking anger.

It's gone.

It's a short, happy little jam now.



Industrial punk energy? In the demo version? Lol. You fucking moron

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Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in


I actually like it. I think they're totally capable of making good music if Axl can finally get out of his wet dream phase of turning GNR into some NIN/Trent Reznor/industrial type shit. This is SO MUCH better than shit like Absurd and Oh My God and all those goofy tracks like those

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YouTube comments tell us the band is doing what the majority of the fans want. That's it.


They let Axl do his thing. He had fun. He drove his Ferrari around in the Better music video. He pulled off being three hours late to a Rock in Rio headline he practically single-handely arranged it himself with no help but our hype. He greeted kangoroos. He cancelled two tours and cancelled the cancellation of a third one. He had his rings and collars robbed. He fucked Lana Del Rey. He punched a photographer. He got in the wrong car. He was in a pool with Beta. He loged into MyGNR Forum to banish a moderator foverer and later gave the people an interview. And most importantly, he ate Taco Bell.



Now back to business, apparently.

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It sounds dated like anything else Axl has put his greasy name on over the past 20 something years. I think the last song he released that didn't sound dated was Oh My God, which tried to blend with the industrial sounds of the time. 


It's not awful, but it's nothing special. It's a catchy little pop rock ditty; sounds kind of like Velvet Revolver cutting room scraps mixed with Axl Chinese dem session vocals. It's the type of cheese rock song that Terminator 3 lacked on the soundtrack 20 years ago.


If it was the 7th best track on a record, I don't think people would have many negative opinions, but it's not. This is the best that Axl had in his vaunted "vault," and that's pretty unimpressive. 

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1 hour ago, ManetsBR said:

That dumb S on the locker on cover kids do is residual cabalistic knowledge intrinsic to a kid's mind, that's an S for Sephirot.


And until last midnight it was technically still Equinox. Another 23.


Axl's apparently still into that shit.



Shut the fuck up Manets.

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3 hours ago, Bonemaster7000 said:

the part from .52 - 1.04 sounds better than the demo IMO

But can't you hear that it's a sloppy take. Slash is doing a mistake at 0:59. It doesn't sound as round as it should. Good luck in Afghanistan. I thought they killed you. 

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