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Help ET - Achievement Unlocked

John Bonham

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33 minutes ago, Sorry Sack of Bones said:

So to embrace the cliche, long time lurker, first time poster. Like I told JB in a private message the fatcast has made many a commute easier. 15 bucks is basically a pack of cigarettes so why the hell not. Enjoy @EstrangedTWAT

And we are at $500

thank you @Sorry Sack of Bones, we now move on to phase two @EstrangedTWAT

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  • John Bonham changed the title to Help ET - Achievement Unlocked
4 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Holy Shit.




I don't even know what to say........this is the most generous thing I've ever seen in my life.


This is insane.



I can't let you gentlemen down.  I need to start TRAINING.  I gotta not jerk off for like two weeks so I'm ready to unleash a geyser on whatever lucky lady is gonna get your hard-earned cash.


You guys are fucking amazing.   I am truly humbled.

Id suggest not jerking for a month.😀

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