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Track 10 on Chinese Democracy

STFU Miser

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i'm gonna bump this thread for eternity


The Rolling Stones have unveiled "Living in the Heart of Love," the first song released from their upcoming 40th-anniversary edition of Tattoo You.

The previously unreleased track has a gritty "Brown Sugar" vibe, driven by classic Keith Richards guitar crunch, a snarling Mick Jagger vocal and some pounding piano. It peaks toward the end with a lengthy guitar solo. You can hear it below.

"Living in the Heart of Love" is one of nine unheard cuts on the deluxe package's "Lost & Found" disc. The expanded set also includes the 26-track live album Still Life: Wembley Stadium 1982.

Released in August 1981, Tattoo You was largely made up of studio outtakes recorded by the Stones during the '70s, with updated vocals and instrumental parts added to complete the songs. The album — which boasts classics like “Start Me Up,” “Neighbours” and “Waiting on a Friend” — went on to sell more than 4 million copies in the U.S.

Last month, guitarist Ronnie Wood revealed that the 40th-anniversary edition was in the works, admitting to The Times that he and Jagger had worked on “nine new tracks for the rerelease of Tattoo You.”

The new set continues the Stones’ trend of reissuing classic albums with previously unheard (or bootlegged) bonus material. In 2020, the band issued an expanded edition of their 1973 album Goats Head Soup with three previously unreleased tracks. Similarly, 2010’s Exile on Main St. rerelease featured 10 unearthed songs from the band’s vaults.

The Tattoo You 40th anniversary set is due out Oct. 22.

Read More: Listen to Rolling Stones' New Song 'Living in the Heart of Love' | http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-living-in-the-heart-of-love/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

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Chinese Democracy should have been given away at GM dealerships. Or even Toyota, that company's sales were off by a third in November. 

So, do you want the money or the career? 

Turns out taking the money isn't so great for your career. Axl Rose is gonna have the stink of the failure of Chinese Democracy on his back forevermore. His only option will be to reunite with the old gang and play the twenty year old material.

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  • John Bonham changed the title to Track 10 on Chinese Democracy
2 hours ago, RedHook said:




JB, can you please take away Misers ability to edit his posts.



If he feels strongly enough about something to make a thread about it we should all get to read it.


I post at another forum where it gives you 5 minutes to edit, and then it can't be changed. Seems reasonable to me. 

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