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What marked the beginning of the end for GN'R: Chicago '89, Dismissal of Adler, or Izzy leaving?

STFU Miser

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3 minutes ago, Ragnar said:

I like 90-95% of the band's output including Chinese Democracy.


No, I've never said Izzy didn't contribute or wasn't crucial. It'd be beyond retarded........


He DID contribute and was CRUCIAL. What I mean is, I think there's a tendency of overrating and overexaggerrating his importance and contributions.


Some make it look like Izzy "wrote'em all" and did everything. I just don't agree with it. I think it's stupid.


To me the big three are Axl, Izzy and Slash, in this order. Take one of them out of the equation and something isn't right. It's not the same. 


Duff doesn't matter. Never did. Any competent bassist would have replaced him and the difference would have been hardly noticeable.


I'd argue Steven was more crucial for band's sound than Duff.


Do I want Izzy to contribute to new music ? of course I do.


Will it be better ? of course it'll be..........


However do I think Izzy was be-all-and-end-all ? no, I don't.

True. Slash needs someone to stir him in the right direction.


By all means, It's your right to prefer Izzy's stuff. I like some of it too, in small doses, but I quickly get tired of it.


After a while, Izzy's solo albums start sounding like AC/DC to me. I prefer more variety to bashing the same 3 chords over and over again.


To each his own, One man's music is another man's noise.




Good stuff. Think we're on the same page. Our meetup won't have the intensity it could have now though. A shame really.

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3 hours ago, mickey mouse said:

yeah also while Axl was having a power high and Slash and Duff were OD’ing, Izzy was the only close to professional member of the classic lineup 

oh c'mon... he was pissing on an airplane, constantly got fucked up too and used and sold heroin on a daily basis before they've got big (some say even after too)

He was so professional that he basically walked away from the band (which was a good decision or else he'd be dead by now) and did jackshit with them after Lies. He showed up sometimes, just like Diva Axl then left


The reason I've got respect for the guy, because he walked away at the absolute PEAK of the band when it comes to popularity and money...

and told them and the leeches to fuck off for not splitting the loot equally (when the inevitable nostalgia reunion came)

he just doesn't seem like a guy who would take orders from Ferdinando

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2 minutes ago, Tremolo said:

Maybe, maybe not.


Are you currently enraged? Do any of these symptoms apply to you at the moment?

- Increased stress.

- Increased agitation.

- Anxiety.

- Yelling or shouting.

- Intense anger.

- Physical aggression.

All of them.



































Not really.

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