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Would anyone like to go with me to Metlife tomorrow? I have an extra ticket.

STFU Miser

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It would be legendary if Miser actually went to a show where a "new" song has been performed and a new single dropped after the show... (let's not talk about the songs quality, Axl's shit voice and whatnot)

Axl was Mickey as fuck, but he actually tried during the songs and gave a shit. SHow had more energy than the previous legs combined






*I mean Miser, not Fat Axl

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5 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

Just found out @AxlisOld pm a bunch of people not to go with miser to the show. 


That's fucked up , shame on you sir shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He already writes detailed manifestos about my family getting raped, you don't need to make shit up to push it further. I feel like fantasizing about cuckold gang rape is about as far as it can go.



Also, yeah, THAT would totally be why no one wanted to go with him. Me pming people.

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2 minutes ago, Philip K. Dickhead said:

I assumed anyone who isn't on the spectrum avoids Miser like the plague.

Sir do you believe  you're better then him

Have morth worth to society  ?

That you are claiming to be more a man then miser ?


Am i correct with my assumptions and interpretations of your post ?

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