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Fat Photos of Axl Rose (2021-2022 tour season)

my name is bacdi

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3 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

1. No he hasn't, just skipped the workouts again. Honestly with a little more workout/personal training, and a bald head/goatee combo he could look a little bit tolerable, but his voice (the most important thing about him) needs the real fix

2. This is his natural hair now (but Miser will fix me if i'm wrong)


He just doesn't give a shit anymore

I keep thinking this. He has until 65. I dont see his voice going longer than that while consistantly touring. This album will be the last, and GNR will call it a day. From now till then its make as much money and milk the fanbase as much as possible.

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3 hours ago, Budd Dwyer said:

Okay, Hard School tonight then

Haven't seen a rehearsal pic like this since 1992


The soundcheck pictures are actually from Fenway Park Aug 3,

the night they debuted Absurd.


So you are right about the fact that the old school look of sound check pictures signaled something big was happening that night.

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