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What is the longest recorded wait time for a GN'R show?

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Some more info re: Brisbane 2007 from an article I found...


Last Tuesday night, when support act Rose Tattoo took to the stage in Brisbane at 8.30pm, the jet was still on the tarmac at Melbourne airport warming up its engines, tour insiders say.


The rest of the band was waiting patiently for him in Brisbane. They fly commercial; only Rose, as the sole original member of the Gunners, travels on the Lear.


Eventually he made it to Brisbane in the nick of time and strolled onto the stage at the Entertainment Centre at 11.45 to kick off the set.


But the punters in a town which generally goes to bed early were none too impressed. A flying can of soft drink -- bought earlier from the centre's Farnham or Torvill and Dean bars -- narrowly missed Rose 10 seconds into the opener Welcome To The Jungle.


"Is that what you want? You want a battle," Rose said, wiping the liquid from himself. "If you're going to act like that, then you know I don't have to be here."


Rose then proceeded to walk off stage in the middle of several songs, leaving the rest of the band to invent extended solos to cover his absence. Later one of them called it the worst gig of the tour.


But it didn't stop them partying in the dressing room till after 6am. The effects were obvious the next night when Rose told his fans, who paid up to $175 for tickets: "I just want a big truck to hit me".

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