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The story of the last photo of Axl and Slash in 23 years


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Guitarist Slash officially left Guns N' Roses in 1996, although he returned two decades later, in 2016. The musician's last appearance in his first stint with the band took place three years before his departure, in 1993.


More specifically, the guitarist's farewell show on his first stay at Guns N' Roses took place on July 17, 1993, at River Plate stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The performance ended the "Use Your Illusion" tour and was also the last of bassist Duff McKagan until his return with Slash in 2016. It was also the final performance of drummer Matt Sorum and guitarist Gilby Clarke in the group, already that both have not returned to the band.


Photographer Gene Kirkland accompanied GN'R on that tour and recorded an image that depicts Slash's dialogue with vocalist Axl Rose after the performance in Buenos Aires.


As far as we know, this was the last portrait of the two musicians together in a performance (although they were already backstage) until 2016. It is also, as far as is known, the last photo of them together, in any context, in the period of practically two decades - since Guns remained reclusive as a band from 1993 to 1996 and the two only met again in 2016, with the return of the guitarist.


The portrait has a curious story, which was told by Gene Kirkland in an interview. "Two years after the show (in 1995), I showed the photo to Axl and he tried to take it for himself. That's why there's a tear in the top corner of the photo," explained the photographer.


What was Axl going to do with the photo? We don't know, but the record remained in the hands of Gene Kirkland, who made it public. See below.






Read more at: http://whiplash.net/materias/news_729/333017-gunsnroses.html

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