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Do you view GN'R as hair metal?

STFU Miser

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On 11/26/2021 at 4:17 PM, Sydney fan said:

I dont mind dep leppard, but only their debut when they were breaking out as part of the new wave of british heavy metal scene. Their debut is chalk and cheese compared to hysteria and the crappy ballads after that. So understand why people hate them. 



I'm partial to High N Dry myself, but after that I lose interest. Fun fact, Leppard are the reason Slayer formed. Kerry King overheard Jeff Hanneman playing Wasted and they got together because of that. 



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1 hour ago, Frank Drebin said:

Bon Jovi got the luckiest of all the hair bands they hardly got a scratch during the alternative/grunge invasion, especially compaired to GNR. Especially with the poodle keyboardist. Maybe the four year gap between 'New Jersey' & 'Keep The Faith' helped, they didnt tour for three years from 1990 till 1993.

This is Bon Gay's "tribute" to Kurt.

A desperate, talentless piece of shit, indeed.

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On 11/26/2021 at 6:13 AM, my name is bacdi said:

ancient song from the hollywood rose days and unanimously agreed as the worst on the album


never played liveq



it was played in every show in 1985 and it was played for the last time in 1987


Also, they had alternate lyrics for that song, for a looong time


Probably throwed in as a filler and to please the hair audience


Besides, Axl has some cool screams at the end and Slash has a good solo there plus an excuse to use the talkbox (which is the definition of cheese but ohwell)


Remember, SOYL came out as a single very recently, but the song is also from the HR days and it was played on the very first GNR gigs. With AG...

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On 6/26/2021 at 12:39 AM, Facekicker said:

They grew out of that scene and in their initial genesis they certainly fit the criteria. 


I think by the time Appetite was released they were no longer part of that scene and were actively part of what killed Hair Metal. 



This is basically what happened imho

In 1987, (at least until the WTTJ video which basically describes their "transformation from a regular hair band to what they were really, a hard rock band) they'd be hair metal, but even Axl acknowledged it around 1988 that " people says it's a glam band, it's a hair band, it's a heavy metal band blablabla.... fuck that shit... it doesn't matter if my hair is up or down...." and the audience LOVED him for finally setting the record straight...

GNR just had the talent to have fans amongst almost every section of rock fans. That's why they were legit good for a few years

As soon as the Dolphins and big budget videos came in around 92 (or after those last 1991 shows in the MSG) they were basically FUCKED and became a laughing stock, imho. Also by that time, grunge was on

But people would still buy tickets, because they were THAT good

End of story

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