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Video of Axl from 1994 emerges

STFU Miser

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8 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

That's a hot bitch he's picking up.


Damn, so much about Axl screams "white trash wins lotto" but walking around in public with a fucking cigarette holder is pretty high up there.


That's Jennifer Driver. She was a model in the 90s, she was in the SIDHY video. They dated for a few months.



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1 hour ago, Monkey said:

Axl was living the life. 


Beta is a parasite. 


She literally took every aspect of his life, freedom, and masculinity from him. He doesn't go anywhere without her monitoring him. He hasn't had a real girlfriend or any sort of serious romantic love since the mid 1990s. She not only monitors him physically but emotionally blackmailed him into becoming his manager and she handles as such his business and financial affairs. I wouldn't be surprised if she skims off the top, too. He's basically her bitch. She's the pimp to his whore. She gets him nice and pumped full of drugs so he's compliant and goes on stage like the trained monkey he's become when the Lebeis clan want some extra dough. She's worse than Yoko ever was. 

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