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Top ten most listened to rock albums on Spotify

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01 – "Hybrid Theory" – Linkin Park (2.67 billion)
02 - "Nevermind" - Nirvana (2.62 billion)
03 – "Appetite For Destruction" – Guns N' Roses (2.4 billion)
04 - "Californication" - Red Hot Chili Peppers (2.2 billion)
05 – "A Night At The Opera" – Queen (2.1 billion)
06 – "Meteora" – Linkin Park (2.08 billion)
07 - "Metallica" - Metallica (2.04 billion)
08 – "Pray For The Wicked" – Panic! At The Disco (1.9 billion)
09 - "Back In Black" - AC/DC (1.88 billion)
10 – "Death Of A Bachelor" – Panic! At The Disco" (1.81 billion)


Read more at: http://whiplash.net/materias/news_730/331586-linkinpark.html



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On 6/6/2021 at 4:19 PM, Sydney fan said:

I never knew panic at the disco were that popular......shit band.

Whats Mojo uploading the dates on reddit?. Did the brazillian manager outsource his role to mojo... Is mojo on the payroll?.

Does Mojo own the subreddit? Called him out on some shit and got permanently banned😂

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