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KOHD & Civil War - timeline confusion

STFU Miser

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So Steven is officially out of GN'R on July 11th 1990. This was confirmed by both his and GN'R's lawyers in court.

But Knockin' on Heaven's Door with Matt on drums was released June 26th 1990.

Yet at the same time, Civil War with Steven on drums is released in late July 1990.

So does anyone have any clear idea of when each was recorded and why Matt was recording with them while Steven was still in the band

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They were both released as radio singles off compilation albums.

One was a soundtrack to a Tom Cruise movie, the other a charity album.

When you sell your music to movies and charities that are out of your control it does not always go in perfect chronological order.


As far as Sorum recording with the band before Adler is officially kicked out.


From what I know Steven Adler was already in a probationary period, and failure to make it through meant he was out.

With lots of money on the line,

GnR seem to have gotten ahead of the problem a bit by already working with Sorum.

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