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You can argue about its lenghth or lack of tunes but really along with Nov Rain and Estranged, comas and locos set GNR apart from Hair metal bands a new GNR inspired bands that wanted to dethrone them, just the ambition if not the execution of staying was enough to be enough. Then you had Izzys tunes to balance it out. 

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6 hours ago, RedHook said:

The UYI's are a mess of mixed ideas and styles.


The rush to record everything and release it now took priority, over having an album where the songs sound like they fit together.



But actually it worked because people who weren't really ready for Estranged or thought Coma was too metal, still had some AFD style rock song to listen to. Back off Bitch, DTJ, YATF, Bad Obsession, Dust N Bones, Live n Let Die, YCBM, Pretty Tied Up. I think if they came out with the pure UYI record then it might have met even more hostility. 


 In a way that is what CD missed, a rocker like YCBM and something more Stonesy. It didn't hedge its bets at all. Id say its all there in CD but the overall sound and style kind of hides those elements. Still its missing Slash and Izzy songs. 


The thing with UYI to me was the songs weren't as blended as much. But it was still in the scope of hard rock and classic rock. I guess that was a blessing and a curse. It shows they were going in separate directions musically, but they could still collab to make great diverse albums. To see Slash help Axl with Nov Rain and Axl sing on Coma and the band still wotk on Izzy songs, then go nah thats not worth it, thats hard for fans to understand. You know they can make UYI type records forever. It seems like Slash and Izzy always felt like their material wasnt done right under GNR or Axl's control. 

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