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Greatest Guitarist to ever be in Guns N' Roses.

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One of the greatest contributions to the GNR Legacy comes from its close connection to the Canadian Mockumentary "The Trailer Park Boys"


Especially the guitar playing of cast member John Dunsworth,

whose time in Guns N' Roses was marked by him always staying in character as the alcoholic trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey.


Raise a Glass to John Dunsworth (RIP)

the Greatest Guitarist Guns N Roses ever had 🍻 




Onstage with GNR circa 2010:

John Dunsworth with DJ Assba attempting to follow along.


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3 hours ago, Turkish said:

Those jugs look so solid I bet she’s resting that coffee unaided. Jeez you’d need to put those fuckers in a vice to get a tit wank 🤣

You gotta admit, those are some dynamite nips tho

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56 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:


lahey comes spilling out drunk as fuck in a bathrobe, takes the mic from axl, says something unintelligible, does the axl rasp better than current fat axl and leaves





At the time Jim Lahey's world wide fame made Axl look like a foot note.


I think Axl did all he could to try and keep Lahey in the band to try hitch onto his proven star power.


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