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Black Peeps Experiencing GNR Music Videos on Youtube

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The original kids react series were genuine and pretty cool to see their minds blown at certain things. I also like vocal coaches marking out for Axl and Dickinson doing crazy shit and explaining the technique and demonstrating how Bruce has modified his technique to still sing 40 year old shit. 


And I did find this really young musician legit listening to deep Guns cuts for the first time and blowing his load to the Locomotive outro. It made me feel fresh to me again. And also Twat where he's not aware of all the lineup politics and he just appreciates the music and vocals. 

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15 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

I don't watch reaction videos.  There's very little in the world I could possibly give less of a fuck about than strangers I don't know making stupid faces when they listen to or see shit.  What a true low point for humanity.  We have all this amazing technology and all we use it for is to watch people pretend to be shocked at movie trailers or to watch some random bitch shovel food in her face.


Reaction videos are fake and gay.








These 2 cunts have the most annoying, exaggerated, over the top faces on Youtube. Especailly the cunt on the left, everytime I see his fucking face I want to smash it, and the god damn youtube algorithm is following me around now cause I once watched one of their corny as fucking trash videos.





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6 hours ago, bacardimayne said:

the media has infantalized black people to the point where middle class white people unironically get their kicks from watching their pet people enjoy things they're not supposed to


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