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Is Alex Ross transphobic??

John Bonham

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2 hours ago, John Bonham said:

It's a very shocking film.

I remember enjoying it but it's also pretty depressing ngl


1 hour ago, RedHook said:

Axl has all the money in the world that he could use to better himself, and we get the guy that would rather turn into a fat fucker and do nothing.

If I were Axl, I'd do the same exact thing ngl

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4 hours ago, gunsntortillas said:

Also, totally not starting a new thread for this, but there is something poetic about how full circle they have come visually as a band.


They started dressing like women in the 80s, ditched that for a few decades, now in the 2020s Axl and Duff look like women again. 

Fake it until you make it.

Axl is a self-loathing transphobe. Even better.

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