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GNFNR Celebrates 10 Years Online

John Bonham

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6 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

Is it sad that some of my happiest and fondest memories from the past decade come from a forum where we'd sit around and shitpost about Fat Axl the majority of the time?

I suppose.   But imagine how much sadder my life would have been without GNFNR!


Thanks for the awesome 10 years JB!!!

You know what's really sad? That we all came here when then gina went to hell. Which means 10 years started AFTER we had been at another forum long enough to have an educated opinion that it had declined, and we should leave. Jesus Christ I'm gonna drink heavily.

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43 minutes ago, MacDaddyRose said:

Only gnr forum that keeps it real on how much this Fatband sucks, and hasn't banned me over 20 years. I'd probably be banned anywhere else for calling them a fatband

In the beginning when I joined, people were thinking I was some kind of Atlas, Towel or Miser alt account and I did get briefly banned. Thank God the ban was lifted after a few hours

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