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At their respective peaks, who had a cooler image? Guns or the Stones?


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1 minute ago, David Kowski said:

Miser the example of a cuck, predicts the size of Axl's dick by the shade of color on his fat moustache, posting faggot pics of The Rolling Stones while his mãe hoovers his pizza crumb infested bedsheets. 


Who said anything about Axl’s dick? 


Also, The Rolling Stones are the greatest band that ever existed. 


Im not at home. But thanks for checking up 

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1 minute ago, Knuckles said:

I’m not married, especially not to a woman with a long history of being a highly promiscuous bipolar bitch. 

But you will be, because the Supreme Court said even gay people can get married now. You find your prince.

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See at the end of the day, I log off. I enjoy my life. I talk to real people about stuff. I’m making plans already for post quarantine. Hoping to get a D&D campaign going soon. I read my books, write my lyrics, and watch movies I like. 


I get amused that 10 years later, my very presence on this board still triggers @AxlisOld immensely. I come here cause I hope any day we’ll get a new leak and I genuinely like some of you like @EstrangedTWAT, @wasted, @Frank Drebin, @Donald Trump And of course @John Bonham


But at the end of the day, you can think what you want of me. You’re just usernames on a screen. You’ll never have any impact on my real life. 


You don’t have any power. This is a forum. It’s a fun distraction. Nothing more.

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