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3 hours ago, RedHook said:




 looks like Tom Cruise is on the Fat Axl diet.





He is all Fat'n'Shit now,

and even his hair is all

thin & stringy like Axl  :rofl-lol: 


Its gotta be the dangerous Fat Axl diet.


Compare the same round bloated face and thin stringy hair.


At some point you cant deny your biological age. Tom looked great til 59. They botoxed him good. He probably did some steroids, too. But now, thin hair and fat face. Axl all the way. Steroids, Botox and bad fat. 

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On 10/6/2021 at 2:04 AM, Sydney fan said:

He really has aged badly.

The 06 to probably 08 he looked fine. Predator axl was good.

Then the fat stage of 2011 he just started to go off a cliff quickly from then onwards. What the fuck happened?  

He was is good shape up until 2009. He must have went on some medication. That bloated swelled look isn't just down to just overeating. 

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27 minutes ago, MacDaddyRose said:

Sammy hagar is 74 and has never looked or sounded as bad as Axl Rose. Tired of the age excuse. If you take care of yourself and your voice, you see better results. 


Among some of the hard-core VH fanbase he was the "round rocker" which i think that name now goes to Axl.

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Axl is so Fat that

now that GNR are no longer touring,

fast food restaurants nationwide have had to cut back employees hours.

Except for Malibu, CA where they stay open 24/7 just waiting for another mega-order from the Fat Man and his malibu canyon refugee camp.

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