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Axl is so fat that ducks throw bread at him

Axl Rose is so fat that Richard Fortus can’t use his nose as a sundial.

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3 hours ago, RedHook said:


Axl is so Fat that on Easter Sunday, he goes from house to house claiming his car broke down, and asks to use the phone.

When they figure out that he is Axl Rose,

they invite him to stay for diner.


Axl accepts.

But before the family can finish thanking the lord by saying grace,  Axl eats the entire meal, leaving no food for anyone else.

 On his way out the door he sometimes laughs while singing 

"Sorry for you,  Not sorry for me"



Don't be A Victim!


Protect Your Families Holiday Diner.

If you see this man in your neighborhood.




Well im a hungry motha

I got a macas mcrib order under my arm

Well im an eating machine

You know what i mean

And ill eat all your food out your fridge all day long



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On 2/22/2021 at 5:43 PM, gunsntortillas said:





I will let you guess which one of these performances was done by a terminally ill person. 

Herr you can hear and see that Axl is switching between old Axl and Mickey on purpose... 

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Has Axl been in Birmingham recently?


I was reading the local news when I learned a 300-ton fatberg (great word) is blocking the sewer system.


Talk about a shit job.


Engineers at the sewer


Workers trying to remove a huge fatberg clogging a Birmingham sewer hope high-pressure jets will tackle the "horrible, gunky mess".


If they do not work, workers will have to chip away at the mass with spades.


The 300-tonne berg in Hodge Hill, and which goes underneath the M6, is the biggest Severn Trent said it has ever had to tackle.


The fatberg is about 8m (26ft) underneath the surface so a huge, deep trench has had to be dug to allow hoses in to start work.


The solid mass is estimated to be 1m (3ft) high and 1,000m (1,094yds) long and could take until June to clear.


If the jets do not work, then harder parts will have to be chipped away with a spade, Sarah O'Kane, from Severn Trent said.



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