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Axl & Slash both need to working out at there ages if they don't wanna add an extra chin or three & a spare tire. 


I'm already cringing at Axl sitting at home during the Quarantine while Beta is loading his plates with high fat, fried foods with low protein & hardly any vegetables. He's going to look like Meat Loaf by the time they play live again. 

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Axl is heading for a disaster health wise if he doesn't buck up and cut out eating crap by not taking care of himself. He's a grown man and can do what he wants but look at the pictures, I'm gonna say he's 140+ pounds at the Roxy shows in 86? and in the NITL pic above, he's got to be 215-230 pounds. I'm guessing at his height 5'8 - 5'10 and his age he needs to be at least between 160-175 pounds to not look like the stay puft marshmellow man.


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4 hours ago, creed said:

This is so dumb, that its genius. Congrats.


Still laughing about Braskys rumor that Axl lost a lot of weight and looks even sporty now. In which discipline? Sumo Wrestling?

Offensive linemen in football are pretty fat, And there are some fat guys in baseball (Pablo Sandoval), so yeah... he's "sporty"

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