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What should they name the next album?

John Bonham

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13 minutes ago, deelowbrown said:



I work for a steel company that sells big bundles of steel wire/rod. The industry term for these are coils.


 We had a softball team one year, and the VP named us the Coilers. No one thought that was a bad name except me lol. We lost every game besides one so the name was fitting.

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9 hours ago, Towelie said:

Not In The Lifetime. Cuz that's what it's gonna be.

I think it might be NITL but it will be a live album featuring "new material". This is the banner they are touring under. 


You'd get Slash on all the CD songs, probably 3-4 new covers. Plus Jackie Chan. And if they dodge around shows like Live Era they can get a lot of variety. 


They next level would be to do a Love type album by the beatles, where they almost remixed all the songs and made into one long orchestral and electronic album. Combing the new studio material with the live material to produce a revolutionary soundscape album. 

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The Sequel

is the 4th chapter in the 7 part Trilogy






featuring: "Tonight, Tonight" (Live),

 "Sentimental Movie" (Slash on Vocals), 

"Just Another Sunday",

and "Toothpuller" (featuring Izzy Stradlin)






*if you don't believe these songs are "New", then you might be a Racist White Supremist.

Please denounce your whiteness, and seek help.

www.gnr.com/critical_race_theory_with_ duff

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